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About Us

We love bikes. However, like most people, we also like to go fast and to travel longer distances. So, what to do? Well, option one was to train like crazy and develop a physique and cycling prowess that would be the envy of a Tour de France champion. That sounded like a lot of work though and we're not really into growth hormones, etc. So, what was the alternative? Simple, build a bike that made us better cyclists instead. It sounded easier (yes, ok, we were young and naive) and much more fun. And that's how we entered the world of velomobiles. Now we're hooked, and we're sharing our addiction with others. Come and visit us. Resistance is futile.



291 Pretty River Parkway North, Unit 1
(at the corner of Pretty River Parkway and Ronell Cres.)
Collingwood, Ontario
L9Y 4J3



e-mail - use the link below

******WINTER TEST RIDES - - Scheduling test rides in the less predictable winter period can be a challenge, so keep in mind that if significant snowfall occurs, etc, then testing a bike for fit, etc. indoor on rollers may be the only option on a particular day ******

 If you're making a special trip
call or e-mail us in advance to let us know you're coming. We are
a working shop rather than a retail store, and might be
testing dangerous products or (more likely) out for
test rides or picking up supplies.

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